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Get it Right the First Time
5 Mistakes You Never Want To Make When Choosing A Dance Studio For Your Child

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Drowning in choices when it comes to activities for your child?

Grab your free copy of Get It Right The First Time: 5 Mistakes You Don't Want To Make When Choosing A Dance Studio For Your Child.

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  1. Have a child who loves to dance. They dance around the house, up the aisles of the grocery store and love putting on shows for your whole family to watch.

  2. Are confused when it comes to selecting which dance studio would suit your child best. They all look the same, so where do you start?

  3. Donʼt want to go to a scary and high pressure dance studio. You want to know the signs to look out for so you donʼt end up being a crazy dance parent.

  4. Want your child to attend a dance studio that will help boost their confidence, where they can make new friends and, most of all, where they will have fun and learn new skills.


We understand that the last thing parents need on their plate is another decision to make - so let us help you out, and download your free checklist here this week only.

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"The older kids are fantastic and I love how they treat the younger kids like they are their big brother and sisters. Having such a positive and supportive environment where everyone cheers everyone else on is a testament to the leadership of this studio—thank you to all the staff for creating this environment where everyone is celebrated."


-ACBA Parent

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"We love the small group sizes and supportive environment at ACBA!"

-ACBA Parent

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