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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

The Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy and its staff are dedicated to make the studios safe for the staff, dancers, and parents. We are doing our best to follow CDC guidelines and the mandates of state.

So, what is ACBA doing to keep the studio clean and safe?

1. We are requiring all our staff members to wear masks.

Each staff member is required to wear a mask as soon as they walk through the front doors. Parents are students are encouraged, but not required to wear masks in the studios.

2. A sanitation station has been installed by the front door.

We require each person who walks through the front door to sanitize their hands upon entering the building. If they have an allergy or are unable to use sanitizer, they must wash their hands in the bathroom.

3. Outside shoes are not allowed beyond the entry way.

ACBA is extremely excited to be in our brand-new studio! To keep the studio as clean as possible we ask everyone entering to remove their shoes at the entrance.

4. Cleaning procedure between classes.

We have new procedures in place to keep the studio clean. In between classes ACBA will be cleaning and sanitizing the barres, door handles, stereos, and anything else the students and teachers come in contact with during class.

5. Daily cleaning in the studio.

Each day the studio is deep cleaned and sanitized before students come in. We are also cleaning surfaces and common spaces hourly or as needed.

6. We have closed the lobby, and limited front desk contact.

ACBA has closed our lobby during this time. We love having our ACBA families in the lobby observing classes and socializing, but in order to maintain cleanliness and safety the lobby will remain closed. If you need to do business at the front desk, you are welcome to come in, but we do ask that you leave immediately after the business is taken care of. Registration for summer classes and the 20-21 season is available online and is highly encouraged for all students.

7. Following social distancing and what to do if you feel sick.

ACBA’s staff, dancers, and parents need to practice social distancing at all time. To help keep social distancing ACBA has closed the lobby and capped class sizes at 8 students per class. If you or a family member is sick, ACBA requests that you alert the studio and stay home.

8. New policies for Dancers.

The dressing rooms are closed during this time. We recommend dancers come to the studio dressed and ready for class. If the dancer is unable to come ready, they may change in the bathroom. Dancers must bring their own water bottles to the studio. ACBA recommends these water bottles be clearly labeled. Lastly, dancers must come and go directly to class. Dancers and family members may not linger in the common areas.

ACBA and its staff hope you stay safe and healthy. We can’t wait to dance with you soon!


ACBA Administrative Staff


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