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Susan's Adventures at Bolshoi

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Susan, an ACBA student, is at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive in Connecticut! Susan is going to check in with us every week. We are so excited to follow this journey with her.

We checked into the dorm and settled in. Later, we are going to a presentation with parents and everyone. So far, all we have done is settle in. Classes start on Monday!


Week 1

I completed my first week at BBASI! We eat at a buffet, take notes in Russian class, and eat s'mores. My favorite class is Character because it's much funnier than all the other classes and the exercises the teacher gives us are so fun. Plus, my feet don't hurt as much as the others. The dance we're doing is really fun too. -Susan

Week 2 To celebrate the 4th of July we wore red white and blue leotards. Friday, we had a talent show and our musical theater teacher made my whole level do a piece from Cinderella. Saturday, we all went on a field trip to the amusement park and spent half the day there. We are practicing our dances stage preparing for the upcoming showcase. -Susan

Week 3 and 4

Week three was the last week of the first session. We mostly practiced in the theatre for the showcase. I danced the Vassel Dance and Strauss Waltz. We had three days to learn a Russian song that we sang in the showcase. Friday was an emotional day because everyone was happy and sad they were leaving. After the show we said good-bye to our friends and our teachers. My roommate left.

Week four was the start of the second session. I got a new roommate but all of the teachers are the same and we got to go on a field trip to the mall. -Susan


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