What to Expect On Your First Day

Classes begin on Monday, August 31st! A lot of things have changed this year, but we are still the same ACBA you know and love. Here are some frequently asked questions and important things to know.

1. Are children wearing masks while dancing?

Masks are required in the lobby and waiting areas. Dancers are not required to wear a mask when actively dancing, but it is recommended. If they are observing class they must wear a mask.

2. Can I watch my child’s class?

We are not having parent observations in the building at this time. Zoom observation will be available for free the first week of classes for those in Bitty Bear, Pre Ballet, and Levels I-IV. After the first week, Zoom observation is $3.50 per month and open for Bitty Bear, Pre Ballet, and Levels I-II. In order to participate, we require parents to mute themselves and turn off their video. We also ask that parents change their username to “Parent of (Child’s Name).”

3. How early can I arrive to class?

The lobby is closed, so we ask that children arrive ready to take class and arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of class. We will not allow dancers through the doors if they arrive earlier than 5 minutes before class. Dancers should arrive in their uniform with a dance bag that has a water bottle and their dance shoes. 

4. What happens during the drop off process?

  1. Dancers and their parents will come to the desk at our entryway and check in.

  2. The dancer will have their temperature taken and recorded on a pass/fail basis.

  3. If registration hasn’t been completed, parents will be given registration paperwork to fill out before the class ends.

  4. Dancers will be allowed in the studio and will change their shoes.

  5. Dancers will sanitize their hands and be guided to their classroom by their teacher or staff member.

5. What happens during pick up?

  1. Teachers will escort the dancers to the door.

  2. Dancers will change their shoes in the entryway.

  3. Additional staff will be waiting at the check in desk to oversee pick up.

In order to make this process as smooth as possible, once a parent sees their child, we ask that they step out of their car and wave. This will help ensure each dancer goes to the appropriate car.


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