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Pre-Professional Program

The Pre-Professional Program is for students 7+ with ballet experience who are committed to ballet training.

Reqirements & Tuitin

Requirements & Tuition


Pre-Professional Students select their classes from the regular schedule.

Tuition is bundled for required classes and items.

Registration fee - $45 per student/per season.


Tuition is calculated based on the number of classes per year, then divided into equal payments. All tuition/fees may be paid in one of four ways for the season:

  1. Payment in full at the time of registration

  2. Payment in three installments - due August 1, November 1, and February 1

  3. Payment in ten installments - due August through May on the 1st

  4. Payment in eleven installments - due July through May on the 1st

Dancers will receive 20% off any additional classes they take (this does not apply to family members).

Pre-Professional dancers must agree not to dance at any other dance studio in Anchorage without discussing it with Ms. Stephanie or Ms. Tara first.

Pre-Professional Level I



  • Take 1 Ballet I class a week.

  • Take 1 other class a week. You may choose from Jazz, Modern, Tap, or a second Ballet class.

  • Take Stretch class.

  • Attend ACBA’s Summer Ballet Intensive.

  • Attend ACBA Workshop Series,

  • Attend the NUVO Workshop.

  • Have current studio warm ups.

  • Conduct themselves as role model students of ACBA.


Tuition (total for season):

  • Tuition for Season - $2,494.60

    • Tuition includes:

      • 2 classes

      • Stretch class

      • ACBA workshop series

      • NUVO workshop

      • Production/Recital Fees (3 performances)

  • ACBA warms ups (jacket & pants) - $199.00 per set

  • Costume Fees (1 per performing class) - $99.00 per costume

  • Summer Ballet Intensive Tuition - varies


Summer Ballet Intensive


August 5 - 9, 2024

The Summer Ballet Intensive at the Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy is the kick off to our new season! Dancers will improve and strengthen their technique, become stronger, increase flexibility, experience new dance forms, and enhance their overall performance. Students will come away from this experience as more confident dancers.

All Pre-Professional students are required to attend the Summer Ballet Intensive at the Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy. This is the first time our dancers will be meeting and dancing with their fellow Pre-Professional dancers for the year! This is mandatory for all Pre-Professional dancers.




ACBA Workshop Series


Pre-Professional students are required to attend all workshops (3) in the ACBA Workshop Series within the year.


  • September 27 - Dancer Nutrition

  • January 31 - Pilates

  • February 21 - Latin Dance

NUVO Workshop

The NUVO Workshop is offered locally, usually at the Egan Center in early October over a weekend. They offer classes in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, Ballroom, Tap, Improv & more! Attending workshops is a fantastic way for dancers to broaden their experience, step outside their comfort zones, make connections and discover new ways to move and create while learning from new and different teachers.



Pre-Professional students have more performance opportunities. They perform at least 3 times a year in the Ballet's productions. One in December and twice in the Spring, typically April and May. 

Parts assigned to classes will require a costume to be purchased. Auditioned parts will not require a costume fee.

Dancers are required to attend auditions.

  • December - The Nutcracker

  • April - Spring Production (title to be announced)

  • May - Spring Recital (title to be announced)



ACBA is not a competitive studio but sometimes we compete. At ACBA entering a competition is not about winning, although winning is always nice, it's about the process and the progress.

  • The hours of hard work the dancer puts into it to be a better dancer,

  • Holding yourself to a higher standard,

  • Working hard to have a better polished performance with better technique,

  • Developing the emotional strength to accept the tough critiques and feedback,

  • And getting personalized feedback from the expect judges. 

  • For those who plan to dance professionally as a career, it is also about professional development and exposure.

NUVO Competition & 5678 Showtime

NUVO happens in Anchorage in October and 5678 happens in February. They are exactly what they sound like, dance competitions. Dancers are allowed to compete as groups, solos, and duo/trios. There is an additional tuition for each routine, as well as, additional costumes fees.


Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP) is an international ballet competition. We will be traveling out of state to compete. In the past, we have gone to Seattle, San Francisco and Nashville. Dancers can perform in group numbers, duo/trios, or 1 -4 ballet/contemporary solos. There is additional tuition for each routine, additional costumes fees, YAGP registration fees, which vary depending on what you are performing, and travel expenses. It is a large commitment and only for the most serious dancers. YAGP dates and location will be selected after discussion with the participants.

  • Dancers ages 9-11 do not dance on pointe.

  • Dancers age 12-19 must be proficient on pointe.

Competitions are completely optional and have additional fees and rehearsal times.

Please be aware that if we feel you are not ready to compete, we will tell you.

Competition commitments need to be made by May.

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