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Covid Protocol

We are doing everything we can to keep our ACBA family as safe as possible during COVID-19. ACBA follows the mandates set my the Municipality of Anchorage.



  • Masks are HIGHLY recommended.

  • Studios and the lobby are being cleaned and sanitized between classes. We have adjust the schedule to allow for ample cleaning time and minimal crossover between classes.

  • The lobby is closed, with the exception of business at the front desk.

  • HEPA air filters have been installed in each studio and the lobby.

  • We are limiting class sizes to ensure social distancing and to follow the latest mandates.

  • The dressing rooms are closed. Dancers/staff members must come to the studio dressed and ready for class. If the dancer is unable to come ready, they may change in the bathroom.

  • Dancers must bring their own water bottles to the studio. ACBA recommends these water bottles be clearly labeled. ACBA has a water bottle refilling station, but there is no water fountain available.

    • Food and drink cannot be shared.

  • Personal equipment must not be shared or stored at the ballet.

  • All students are asked to please stay in our ballet bubble and to keep your bubble small.

Entry Procedures

  • Dancers/Parents must ask themselves the following questions before coming into the building:

    • Have you or anyone in your home been out of town within the last two weeks?

    • Have you or anyone in your home shown any symptoms of COVID-19?

    • Have you or anyone in your home tested positive for COVID-19?

    • Have you or anyone in your home been in close or direct contact with some who has shown symptoms, been out of town, or tested positive for COVID in the last two weeks? 

      • If anyone answers YES to any of these questions, ACBA requires you not to come into the studio. ACBA families can contact the front desk and we will set you up to take Zoom classes until your quarantine period is over. 

  • Arrival/Departure

    • Dancers may ONLY arrive 15 minutes early to their scheduled class time and must leave within 10 minutes of class ending.

    • Parents are encouraged to wait in their cars to pick up students and we will bring the dancers to you. Please do not park in the spaces in front of the door except for loading and unloading dancers.

    • Dancers must come and go directly to class.



  • Dancers ages 3 - 6 may have one parent in the building.

  • Please practice social distancing at all times.


Feeling Unwell/Showing Symptoms

  • If any dancer/staff member/or someone within their household are feeling sick/showing symptoms of COVID-19 they are asked to stay home, even if they do not believe it is Covid-19. Anyone experiencing systems must get tested, isolate at home, and follow public health recommendations. 

    • ACBA requests that you alert the studio immediately of your absences/illness

    • Students will be given a Zoom link to participate with class via zoom.

    • Teachers will have a substitute provided.

  • Students/staff that have been in close contact with someone who has been asked by Public Health to quarantine and/or has tested positive are required to quarantine for 14 days and may take classes/participate via zoom. DO NOT come into the studio. Please contact the front desk.

  • ACBA is relying on everyone's honesty about exposure. However, if it gets brought to ACBA’s attention that someone is ignoring guidelines/municipality regulations and putting others at risk at the studio they will be asked to take class via Zoom. Staff members will be asked to take a leave of absence until further notice.


In the event of an occurrence

  • Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 may not attend in-studio classes or performances until cleared by Public Health. Dancers will be able to attend classes via Zoom if desired.

  • Classes directly connected to anyone who has tested positive will be transferred to Zoom classes for their 5 while awaiting Covid test results.

  • All dancers in a class with a positive test result must get tested to return to the studio or quarantine for 10 days. 

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