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5 Benefits to Summer Dance Camps

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Summer is quickly approaching and you’re probably wondering how to keep your kids occupied and entertained. Why not beat the heat with a summer dance camp at the Anchorage Ballet? Summer dance camps allow kids to try different styles of dance, learn new skills, and have fun!

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that a summer dance camp can offer...

1. Learn new skills quickly

You’ll be amazed at the skills and techniques your child learns in only four days. Dance camps are highly focused with a particular goal in mind, such as learning a new dance to combo or mastering a specific skill. Best of all, what your child learns sticks with them, so they can further develop in regular dance classes.

2. Stay physically active

Dancing improves a child’s flexibility, strength, stamina, and coordination. Enrolling in summer dance camp encourages healthy habits, whether your child is a regular student or not. Getting up and moving is a much better way to pass the time this summer than on a screen!

3. Beat summer boredom

Most children look forward to summer vacation all year, but boredom hits within days. Keep your child stimulated with summer dance camps! Lasting two hours per day for four days, dance camp truly reinvigorates a boring week.

4. Improve social skills & make new friends

In addition to the physical benefits of a dance camp, there’s a huge emphasis on social skills when dancing and learning. Dance camps are a great way for children to meet other dancers and branch out to make new friends at the studio. Dancers get to make new friends and create special memories.

5. Maximize creativity

If your child is drawn to creativity, summer dance camps are a perfect fit. Kids get many chances to share their creativity through movement, games, arts and crafts.


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