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5 Benefits to Performing

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

1. Teamwork

  • Working well as a team is an ESSENTIAL part of life. We love helping our dancers learn the value of teamwork while preparing for a big performance. When dancing in a group, a dancer must be committed to staying with the group and maintaining spacing. A dancer can’t just focus on themselves. Our dancers learn that everyone’s role is important and that cooperation is KEY to the success of the performance.

2. Goal Setting

  • Performing gives dancers something BIG to work towards. Dancers work hard for months to prepare for their performance. When you have a goal to nail like your triple pirouette on stage, it makes the hundreds of plies and tendus more meaningful!

3. Self-Confidence

  • We hold this one near and dear to our hearts. Performing can be scary. Through the years we watch our dancers grow into confident dancers who believe in themselves. Performing for an audience requires a dancer to step out of their comfort zone and into an environment where all eyes are on them. Once they get out there, they are forced to trust themselves and be confident in their own skin. This confidence spills over into everything they do, both in and outside of the dance studio!

4. Spreading Joy

  • We love dance and so do our students. Performing is a way for students to share their love of dance with others. It is important for dancers to know that what they give to the world matters. Making art and spreading it for others to enjoy teaches them to bring positivity to the world around them.

5. Performing is the Centerpiece of Dance

  • Dancers work hard for months to prepare for their performance. They have dedicated countless hours to class, sweat, and sometimes tears to get to the point that they are. Performances put together all of the skills dancers have worked on. Dancers get to show-off their technique, apply all of the new skills they have learned. It is a dancers' trophy. Dance is an art and we don't usually get trophies or awards, we perform.

Now that you know why WE love our shows, it’s your chance to see for yourself! We could not be more excited. See you on the stage.


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