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Difference between Zoom and in-studio classes

ACBA will have in-person classes starting on August 31st, but for those who would prefer to stay at home we have a Zoom option. What are the difference and similarities between these two types of classes?

  • Location - Difference

    • The biggest difference between in-studio class and Zoom classes is the location. One is in the studio, in person, and the other will happen in your home via Zoom.

  • The Schedule - Similarity

    • Zoom classes will be held alongside in-person classes. This will make the transition back to in-person classes easier on the dancers when they are ready.

  • The Main Focus - Difference

    • Zoom classes will mainly focus on fun, progression, and engagement. In-person classes will have more individualized attention allowing quicker progression.

  • Class curriculum and choreography - Similarity

    • Zoom classes will have the same curriculum as in-person classes. Dancers on Zoom will do the same things the dancers do in the studio. They will also learn the choreography for the performances. 

Zoom classes have a lot in common with in-person classes. They will have the same teachers, times, and performance opportunities. If you aren’t ready to come back into the studio, we understand. If you still want to dance at home try our Zoom classes!


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