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Referral Program

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Our classes are a great place to make new friends. They’re also the place to form deeper friendships with those we already know.

Our referral program is ACBA's way of properly saying “thank you” to current families for sharing their positive experiences and passing the word along to friends, relatives and co-workers. As a gesture of appreciation, we have implemented a referral program for current families attending ACBA. This referral program will offer a surprise gift card for the current student/family! There is no limit to the number of referrals a family/student can get!


  • Referred students must be new to ACBA in order to receive a credit.

  • The referred student must write the student's name in the referred by section on the enrollment paperwork.

  • The referral program is per family and is not applicable to siblings of current or referred students.

No pressure! We simply wanted to share our referral program. We’d be lacking if we didn’t ask you to share our information and your experience with others if you think they have a child that might like to join yours at the studio!


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