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The Show Hub is your go to spot for anything Fairy Doll related. It will be the number one place to go if you have any questions.

We will be utilizing our Show Hub as our main source of information as we prepare for the show.

What will be in the Show Hub?

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Important Dates
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Add these dates to your calendar so you never miss a beat!

Dress/Stage Rehearsal (mandatory) at ACPA- April 4 & 5


Fairy Doll Performances at ACPA - Saturday, April 6th 2:00 & 7:00

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Production & Costume Fee

There is a $145 Production Fee for all dancers participating in Fairy Doll. Pre-Professional Dancers had this fee included in their initial tuition installments and do not need to make any further payments. All non-Pre-Professional students must pay a $145 Production Fee by February 15th or have a payment plan in place. They are non-refundable once processed. The production/recital fee covers the rental of the venue and equipment for rehearsals and performances, set/props, any licensing/permits required, staff and labor at the event, including teachers and technical support, and cleaning up after the event. It will also include your performance digital download.​


There is a  costume rental fee of $25 per costume for non Pre-Professional students.

Stage Curtains

Chaperones and Backstage Info.


During rehearsals and performances only assigned chaperones will be allowed backstage. There will be chaperones for each group. Chaperones must attend the entire performance and all assigned rehearsals. If you are interested in chaperoning Fairy Doll please complete the Chaperone Form. Any concerns regarding the care of the children may be brought to the front desk before the date of the performance. Any parent who cannot respect this policy for any reason may be asked to withdraw their child from the show.

Click here to volunteer to chaperone.




Fairy Doll tickets are available on Tickets start at $38.50. We highly recommend that you purchase your tickets early to ensure the best seats. 

Click here to purchase tickets.

Important Infomation
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Casting is at the discretion of the Artistic Staff. The Artist Staff will not discuss casting. Sometimes the Artistic Staff has to make hard choices. Who is best for the part? What is best for the Ballet? What is best for the performance? 

We do not enjoy telling anyone, especially children, that the part is not theirs or we are giving the part to someone else but we try to do it as gently and as considerately as possible. We know it is hard but that is ballet. Casting is not about fairness, it's about what is best for the performance.

The Ballet Staff will not discuss, explain, or justify casting. Remember, there are no small parts, only small dancers. Each dancer is essential to the performance.

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Rehearsals are mandatory. Every rehearsal is important. 2 or more absences (excused or unexcused) could result in loss of parts.

Dress/Stage Rehearsal will be at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. It is mandatory. We want dancers to get a chance to be on the stage and become familiar with it before they perform so they can be successful. Please wear ACBA warm ups or an ACBA shirt with moveable dance clothes when coming and leaving the theatre.

Dancer's Success Guide
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