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10 Facts about Fairy Doll

  1. Fairy Doll was first performed in 1888 at the Vienna Court although it is considered a forgotten Russian Ballet.

  2. It was inspired by E.T. A Hoffman’s 1815 tale “The Sandman,” just like the ballet Coppelia.

  3. It has had many names, including: Die Puppenfee, Doll Fairy, Im Puppenladen, and The Doll Store.

  4. Fairy Doll was composed by Joseph Bayer. 

  5. Joseph Bayer's musical base of the ballet is the Viennese Waltz.

  6. It is known for the pas de trois between the Fairy Doll and two Harlequin Dolls.

  7. The Fairy Doll variation is known for its big pink bow.

  8. It is frequently described as Nutcracker meets Toy Story.

  9. Fairy Doll was the inspiration for the ballet La Boutique Fantastique.

  10. In the 1920s Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova performed as the Fairy Doll. Pavlova and her troupe toured across the world, and the Fairy Doll Ballet was given the chance to be preserved.


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