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The Story of Swan Lake

Anchorage Ballet will perform the ballet of Swan Lake in two acts.


The Lakeside

At the lakeside, Prince Siegfied, disturbed by the idea of having to choose a bride, encounters a magnificent flock of swans. One of the swans is transformed into a beautiful woman. It is Odette, Queen of the Swans. Odette reveals to him that she and her companions have been placed under a spell by the wicked Von Rothbart. By day they are condemned to take the form of swans and only at night can they regain their human shapes. This spell can only be broken if a man promises his love and remains faithful to that vow. Siegfried declares his eternal devotion, but no sooner has he done so that Von Rothbart appears. When Siegfried seizes his crossbow and takes aim, Odette shields the evil enchanter, for if he should die the spell imprisoning her could never be broken. Von Rothbart escapes and Odette runs away followed by the prince.


The Ballroom

The guests gather for the great ball in which Prince Siegfried is to find his bride. The queen mother and the prince appear, as well as prospective fiancées but his thoughts remain with Odette. Two uninvited guests arrive, Von Rothbart and his daughter Odile, whom he has transformed into a semblance of Odette. The Prince is enraptured thinking he has found Odette again. Siegfried declares his love for Odile and his desire to marry her. Immediately the prince's mother expresses her approval, but Von Rothbart demands that the young man swear a formal oath. The prince innocently complies, and when he has done so, Von Rothbart and Odile mockingly reveal their true identities. Siegfried flees the palace in search of Odette.

The Lakeside

The swans are grieving for their queen. With Siegfried’s broken vow, Odette’s hopes for love and freedom have vanished. Distraught, the prince enters and explains to his beloved that he, too, was betrayed by the evil magician. He begs Odette’s forgiveness and explains that he could never love another. Odette understands and forgives him. Nevertheless, the fatal error condemns her to remain a swan. Instead she determines that she will die.

Von Rothbart endeavors to drive Siegfried away and keep Odette for himself, but the lovers defy him. Odette flings herself into the lake and Siegfried follows. Siegfried’s and Odette’s steadfast love breaks the enchanter’s spell and Von Rothbart, too, collapses and dies. With the curse removed, the lovers’ spirits are freed. Their spirits take flight and are reunited for eternity.


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