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The Story of Fairy Doll

Composed by Joseph Bayer Fairy doll was first performed in 1888 at the Vienna Court. It is now frequently described as Toy Story meets The Nutcracker because dolls come to life in the magical toy shop. 

It’s an average day in a toy shop. The owner gives his orders to his assistant. The postman brings letters and the delivery man brings some boxes. A maid asks for a new head to be made for a broken doll. Customers come and go from the store. The Shopkeeper demonstrates his mechanical dolls to the customers. There is a Fancy Doll, a Baby Doll, and so much more. Attempting to amaze his wealthy clients, the Shopkeeper demonstrates the most beautiful piece he has – the Fairy Doll. She enchants the customers with her dancing – each of the girls wish to own this beautiful doll, but there is only one, Fairy Doll. The customers make purchases, head home, and the shop closes for the night.

As soon as the last shoppers depart for the evening, the shopkeeper closes up, locking the Shopkeeper Boy inside. The dolls come to life by the magic of the Fairy Doll. There are dolls from around the world, each performing a different dance. The Shopkeeper returns to collect the boy and find all of the dolls out and moving, much to his surprise.


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