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Letter from the Directors

Dear Friends, 

We love to plan the new seasons. Good thing because we’ve had to make a hundred different plans and as soon as we think we have everything planned something changes and we have to go back to the drawing board. The 20/21 Season has presented challenges like never before, but the show must go on and so it shall.

This Season we will explore the mysterious world of Dracula, open our imagination to the Land of the Sweets from the Nutcracker, dance with the Fairies of Sleeping Beauty, enjoy the classical beauty of Chopiniana, and the campaigns of Star and Stripes, and of course watch the wonderful Winter and Spring Recitals.

This season means more than ever before, not less. There are limitations and demands we never expected, but with creativity and exploration we will journey down this new path of digital ballet and dance together to enjoy the ballet from the comfort of our homes. Your support and belief in the Ballet during these challenging times means everything to us and we thank you for your ongoing support.

“See” you at the ballet,

Stephanie and Ryan


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