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4th of July Parade

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

The Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy has been invited to participate in the Fourth of July Parade in downtown Anchorage on Thursday, July 4th. We are so excited as it will be the ballet’s first time participating in the parade!

All of our dancers from last season (2018-19) and next season (2019-2020) are invited to participate. Dancers will get to walk, dance, or ride on the float! Our theme is Red, White, and Tutu! All you need is a red, white, and/or blue tutu or costume of choice. If you don’t have one, please ask! We have a lot of extras and we would be happy to share! Dancers will need ballet pink tights, a bun, and white "ked" tennis shoes. They can be purchased at Walmart, Target or Amazon.

We only have so many spaces available. Please RSVP to the front desk to confirm your participation by email at or by phone at (907) 569-3267.


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