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Ballet Exam FAQs

Updated: Mar 28

What are Ballet Exams? 

The Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy offers classical Ballet Exams starting with Ballet I. Exams are designed to recognize the progress and achievement of the dancers. Students may begin with the exam of the level they are enrolled in. Exams provide opportunities for dancers to attain their personal best, have a goal to work towards, and receive recognition.

Ballet Exams are required to move up to the next ballet level or join the Pre-Professional Program.

Who should take exams?

Dancers who have completed at least one year in a ballet level are eligible to take a Ballet Exam. Exams are not required for dancers in the Academy but are strongly encouraged. Dancers must pass their current levels exam to advance to the next level of classes in the following year. If you are unsure if you are ready to test, please talk to your teacher. Remember, the average dancer spends two years in a level.

Where are the exams? 

Exams will be held  at the Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy.

What should I expect to be tested on during the exam?

The exam will have 2 parts: A small verbal portion and technique section. 

  • Verbal Test - Dancers will have a 1-1 verbal test on vocabulary given to the student. These will be done at the beginning of the testing session or prior to the technique test depending on the test class size.

  • Technique Test - Dancers will perform exercises similar to class or an audition: barre, stretching, center, and across the floors. Exams will run similar to an audition. 

What do I wear for exams?

No additional attire is required. Please wear your ballet class uniform, including the appropriate colored leotard, hair, tights, and shoes. Number will be passed out at the exam.

How to register for exams?

March Exams will be prior Spring Break. Registration for exams must be done in the Dance Studio-Pro Parent Portal.

To register: 

  • Log in to your Parent Portal

  • Click on Register or Register for Classes

  • Select the Season Ballet Exams 2024

  • Select the level you are currently enrolled in

  • Click Submit

And you are registered for your exam.

What do exams cost?

There is no additional fee for ballet exams in March. The March exam is included in tuition.

There is no additional fee for ballet exams at the end of Summer Ballet Intensive for dancers enrolled in SBI. For dancers not enrolled in SBI, but choosing to test, there is a $49 fee.

How are exams scored? 

Dancer's must pass the verbal test with an 80%. Dancers are given scores in various areas such as timing, musicality, alignment, etc. There are three adjudicators. Points are added together and divided to get the percentage out of 100. Dancers must score a 60% to pass and receive a 70% to be offered a Pre-Professional Program.

What if I want/need to retest?

There will be a retest option in August during SBI.

If you are unable to make your exam time/date, please contact the front desk prior to the exam.

When will I know my score?

Exam scores will be released no more than 1 week from the date of the exam in the Parent Portal.


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