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6 Reasons to Dance over the Summer

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Dance is a great way to unplug this summer and unleash your creativity! ACBA has the perfect cure for the summertime blues with our line-up of summer classes. With all of choices that are available to families over the summer, we’ve put together our top 6 reasons why summer dance is special and important!

1. Engage your brain

During the school year children are learning all day, every day. Summer dance camps/classes are a great resource to trigger young minds through physical and observational learning. Students memorize sequences of steps, spacing, music, formations and keep their brains active! Studies show that when we make split-second, quick decisions (like when we dance), we create new neural pathways that increase our intelligence. Dancing is a great way to keep kids' minds engaged while on their break from school!

2. Beat the heat or the rain

While summer weather encourages us all to enjoy the nice weather and the great outdoors, a break from the heat is always appreciated. Our dance camps/classes take place in the evening and crafts are included with many camps. Switch up your summer schedule and give your student a variety of summer camps.

3. Discovery

The performing arts are a great way for children to discover what they are passionate about. Many of our programs offer a specific style or fuse several styles together within the week and focus on fun! Maybe it’s the discovery of jazz, or, maybe it’s the opportunity to discover how good they are at something. Discovery is a wonderful thing for every child regardless of age. It fires the imagination and allows children to dream.

4. Engage in maximum creativity

If your child is drawn towards creativity, summer dance camps/classes are a perfect fit! Dancers have many opportunities to get their creative juices flowing through movement, arts and crafts, games and songs.

5. Stay strong all summer long!

Summer is a long time for our serious dancers to take off! By continuing their training in the summer months dancers stay strong, prevent injury and progress at a very rapid rate. We find summer is the best time for technical development.

6. Make new friends!

One of the greatest benefits of summer dance is getting the opportunity to work with new teachers and meet new friends. Dance involves a team like atmosphere and in many of our classes/camps dancers spend several days together forming new friendships. Receiving instruction from a new teacher is incredibly helpful and super fun!

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