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Audition Tips

Updated: Jan 31

Rather it’s your first audition or your 80th, auditions are intimidating. Here are 10 tips to help you get ready for an audition:

1. Get plenty of rest the night before.

A lack of sleep will make you even more anxious and nervous. A well rested dancer will have more energy and focus.

2. Arrive early and warm-up.

It’s best to arrive early incase you need to fill out any additional information. Warm up before going in the studio. It will help ease the nerves.

3. Be sure to have neat and clean ballet uniform or moveable clothing.

It’s important for the instructor to see your lines and technique. Having neat and tidy clothes will show you have discipline and make you confident.

4. Put the number in a place that is easy to see.

Having your number visible at all times, will help the instructors identify you.

5. Never sit down in an audition and don’t lean on the barres or walls.

Sitting down and leaning on things is bad dance etiquette

6. Keep reviewing the steps and choreography.

This will help you stay focused but be sure to be paying attention.

7. Do everything full out; give your 100%.

Giving it your best effort will show that you are dedicated and a hard worker.

8. Never talk during an audition unless you are answering.

Talking in class is another dance etiquette no-no. It’s a sign of respect for your teacher and fellow classmates.

9. Don’t hide in the back, be seen.

Try not to hide in a back corner.

10. Be positive!

Being nervous and messing up do happens. Don’t be hard on yourself. Clap and be positive for all of the other participants during the audition.

... and don’t forget to smile!


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