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What type of ballet is Chopiniana? Chopiniana is a one-act overture to the by-gone Romantic ballet blanc. A ballet blanc, also referred to as a “white ballet,” is a scene where the ballerinas all wear white dresses or tutus. This style is reminiscent of the romantic ballets in the 19th century.

What characters make up the ballet blanc? Typically they feature ghosts, enchanted maidens, fairies, dryads, and other supernatural creatures. In Chopiniana, the dancers are performing as sylphs dancing in the moonlight with the “poet” dressed in white tights and a black tunic.

What makes Chopiniana special and unique? Chopiniana is one of the first ballets to be about mood and dance. That’s right, it doesn’t have a narrative or story! Originally, Chopin’s life was the inspiration for the scenes of the ballet, which included a ballroom polonaise and a Polish wedding. But over time, Chopiniana changed to be the evocation of the romantic ballet without the narrative.

Did you know...? Chopiniana is also called Les Sylphides, and it is the only ballet of its kind!

The Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy will be performing Chopiniana in May! Buy your tickets at


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